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Brown Temptation's Profile

Brown Temptation

I am the temptation from which you cannot free yourself
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Oct 7th @ 11:05am EDT

hola como estan today I want to talk about the types of orgasms:

Transcendental orgasms:
Occur during states of meditation or contemplative experiences, even mystical and religious Suranto not be able to get rid of me why fall into temptation.

Circumstantial orgasms:
happen during certain physiological acts as breastfeeding, placental, and
ghosts orgasms:
orgasms area are occurring in amputees, or after a section of the spinal cord areas.
extra-genital orgasms.

Mental Orgasm:
It occurs during a fantasy, sexual or non-sexual memory, also during sleep and suck the participation of all sexual or cognitive processes.

anal orgasm:
It is caused by penetration or anal stimulation in humans by stimulating the prostate or linking those who practice

orgasms area:
They mention anywhere in the body that is not mentioned, for example, buttocks, knees, neck detraes among others ..

hello friends

Oct 4th @ 10:54am EDT

hoy le quiero habla un poco de la alimentación y una buena rutina de ejercicios

La alimentación previa al entrenamiento debe basarse en alimentos ricos en hidratos de carbono y bajos en grasas y proteínas. Esto impedirá retardar el vaciamiento gástrico y desviar el flujo sanguíneo de los músculos al estómago y evitar malestar estomacal.

Los alimentos deben contener poca fibra y grasas, lo que evita el malestar en el entrenamiento. El tiempo de tolerancia de la última comida previo a la actividad física es individual, aunque hay una indicación general de que 2 a 3 horas previas. Consumir 200 a 400 ml de una bebida isotónica con una concentración hidratos de carbono no mayor al 7-8 %. Durante el entrenamiento se sugiere continuar consumiendo 100-150 ml de bebida a intervalos de 15 min durante la primera hora de actividad física. Es importante que el deportista elija la bebida que más le agrade a su gusto y sabor.
Para reponer las reservas de hidratos de carbono corporales después del ejercicio, elemento clave para todos los deportistas, durante las primeras 6 horas posteriores a la actividad física, que redujo las reservas de glucógeno (HC de reserva muscular), se recomiendan alimentos ricos en HC de alto índice glucémico (maltodextrina â" glucosa â" plátano maduro â" espaguetis â" zumo de naranja). El índice glucémico es un sistema que permite comparar la âcalidadâ de los distintos carbohidratos contenidos en alimentos individuales, y proporciona un índice numérico basado en medidas de la glucemia después de su ingestión. Transcurrido este importante periodo, se pueden incorporar alimentos con hidratos de carbono de índice glucémico moderado en su dieta normal y habitual.

espero le haya gustado este pequeño fragmento

A miraculous rescue at Gasherbrum II

Sep 16th @ 6:26pm EDT

In his farewell of the highest mountains in the world, Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza wanted to do something big: to link the summits of Gasherbrum I (8,080 m) and Gasherbrum II (8,035 m) without passing through the base camp and climbing two routes still awaiting its first iteration. Sunday never knew that would fulfill that dream, but between Monday and Tuesday signed something much more important, a gesture of immense value: rescued alive an Italian mountaineer stranded at 7,100 meters.

A miraculous rescue in the Gasherbrum Ueli Steck legacy IIThe
A miraculous rescue measures Gasherbrum II¿Cuánto now Everest?
A miraculous rescue in the Gasherbrum ILAI rivalry Yosemite

On Monday, while ruminating his disappointment, the WOP expedition roped attended the parade a group of mountain climbers descending from high camps after reaching the summit of Gasherbrum II by its normal route. Were members of a commercial expedition (several climbers who most often do not know each other, come together to pay the permit top and cook services and porters, and sometimes, the price includes the work of several guides ) they had left behind one of its components, the Italian Valerio Annovazzi, 59.

Challenged, barely matched to confirm that he had been seen alive in field 3, about 7,100 meters above sea level, but with difficulty speaking: it manifested with disjoint terms (typical box prior to cerebral edema). Thanks to telephoto expedition photographer WOP, Arkaitz Saiz, Iñurrategi Vallejo and Zabalza the could verify that the store of the Italian mountaineer was assembled and decided to go in search at midnight on Monday, allowing a short break to recover from a decline Kukuzcka-Kurtyka route rather than delicate.

The trio stood in the shop Annovazzi after 12 hours of effort, fed, hydrated and supplied drugs to the Italian and moved immediately to Camp 2 at 6,500 meters, where everyone spent the night. Annovazzi, who had achieved the top, took four days without eating or drinking, suffered frostbite on their extremities and did not dare to leave the field 3. awaited death or a miracle. It was the second. Telephone Mikel Zabalza description is overwhelming:

Image photo decline expedición.ampliar
Drop image of the expedition.
"We are like a bird Valerio. I do not think it would last another day alive. A doctor from the base camp explained how to administer this drug dexamethasone and three liters of drink he reacted. He had tried to get down on their own, but felt powerless and exit the field 3 observed a steep slope and had no fixed rope: he feared despeñarse so three times made an attempt to return again and again, powerless to your store". Since I could not walk, they took him down with ropes lowering him, hours of hard work with a lot of commitment.

Tuesday, Annovazzi could stand and walk: the three climbers, mountain guides, resorted to techniques from his profession to ensure the safety of the group Roping and slowly began to lose altitude until reaching the base camp. But from camp 1 to the base is 9 kilometers of glacier slope land scarce but riddled with cracks. "Although Valerio walked, he made it very slowly and we had to constantly stop us," Zabalza explains.

"No helicopter in these weather conditions could get here," says Juan Vallejo. "For us this is the ultimate example of mountaineering in which we believe. We are happy because this is the best of the tops. Life is the most important summit. Bajonazo after the expedition we are extremely satisfied, "Mikel Zabalza summarized. Sure, Alberto Iñurrategi had a thought for his brother Felix, who died in this same mountain in 2000. Sure, I smile to be immersed in the irony of fate.


inRead invented by Teads
Mountaineering where the band thought is that exploring alternative paths, although "implication that as you leave the normal route and choose another, top your chances are reduced by 70%." Mountaineering in which he believes defends the values ââof the expedition: all up and all fall together, working together and everything takes consensus: the mountain is not a battlefield that supports disbanded, and three hand are more strong three lurching separately. For now, all prefer to tiptoe as inconceivable as a fact, unfortunately, common in the mountains of over 8,000 meters: descents are an escape in which he abandons himself to his fate weaker.

Juan Vallejo assures Alberto Iñurategi, who in turn assures Valerio Annovazziampliar photo
Juan Vallejo

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Oct. 11
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